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This group is for supporting, celebrating, and engaging with talented, intelligent, grounded, and passionate women in all their diversity. It is a resource for doing the deeper inner work that we all need to ease our minds and lighten our loads but that we sometimes don't make space for.

There will be a bunch of Goddess psychology, lots of opportunities to engage and seek support ), and loads of inspiration. This is the only place where you will get EXCLUSIVE access to meditation, visualisation, and tapping videos that will help you to reconnect to yourself and let unhelpful shit go...

The group is closed so that means we get to be as inappropriate, uncool, and honest as we like (but you are very welcome to be appropriate and/or cool!)

If you are looking to be connected to a like minded community, learn interesting things, get EXCLUSIVE tips for tapping away your blocks, and generally boost your mood AND your support network, join the Goddess Academy... Join Here


About Me

I help women who are feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, and generally frustrated to take a step back, reconnect to themselves at a deeper level, and start living life with more ease. Instead of constantly trying to fix different problems and finding that the same issues keep coming back again, Goddess Acumen is about taking the time to start from scratch and do the inner work that we all need to navigate life instead of living on autopilot and seeking solutions in the wrong places.

As Whitney Houston would say (cue music, grab a makeshift microphone)– "I’m every woman, it's all in me"… You possess all the potential, resources, and power that you need, it's just that you've become more and more alienated from this and more exhausted as you try to follow voices that aren't your own.

Let’s reconnect to your strongest, truest, boldest, most goddess-like self…


We work together to release whatever is holding you back. It’s like a combination of therapy, coaching, and energy shifting similar to the results of yoga and meditation but targeted to your own personal blocks.

For more information on what I offer in terms of coaching, integrated energy therapy, and using Goddess Psychology, please see the information here.

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My areas of expertise are:


Does your career feel stuck, exhausting, or overwhelming? Are you squeezing yourself tight in order to meet other people’s expectations? Or, worse still, losing your sense of self completely? Or are you simply afraid/too unclear to make the changes you would like? I work with people to find a sense of authenticity, direction, and satisfaction. This leads to success that resonates with who you really are and enables you to find balance.


Whether it is a bereavement, a life-changing event, or a severed relationship (recent or in the past), if you are suffering from grief and loss then you are likely to be feeling numb and as if you are living life on autopilot. The world around you might feel so dramatically changed that you are lost and unable to move forward. I help people to move through their grief into a place where they feel emotionally lighter, present and grounded. You will be able to take pleasure in life again.


Single or taken, relationships are challenging. For a single person, navigating the modern dating world can be challenging to say the least! For people in relationships, in order to stay happy it is necessary to keep learning and growing. For those who have become unhappy, it can be daunting to consider how to move forward with or without your current partner. Firstly, I help you to love and accept yourself above all else. We then work on having more peace, humour, and perspective in your relationships.


People tried to warn you but you just didn’t believe it would be THIS hard, did you?! No matter how much we think we are prepared, becoming a mother is a shock to our whole system – mind, body, and soul. As beautiful as it can be, it can also be frightening and overwhelming. I help you to navigate this change and stay connected to yourself and have more fun with this new chapter in your life. I also provide a space where you can honestly explore your feelings and have some time to yourself. For mothers, I offer special services that mean no childcare needed!


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